Our Vision & Mission

Aashna Hospitality was established in 2010 by industry veterans, Sanjay and Jesal, who envisioned a new approach to managing franchise hotels. With their extensive experience in hospitality, they recognized an opportunity to infuse well-known franchises with an intimate touch, thereby offering guests the best of both worlds. They sought to manage these brands in a way that would uphold their established reputation while also creating unique, locally-focused experiences.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be a globally recognized hotel management company that redefines the franchise hotel experience. We aim to manage properties in 30 locations worldwide by 2030, becoming a leader in merging global brand standards with local authenticity. We strive towards a future where every property under our management is carbon-neutral, provides uniquely personalized guest experiences through cutting-edge technology, and makes a positive impact on local communities. We envision Aashna Hospitality as the gold standard in creating a perfect symphony of global familiarity and local novelty in the hospitality sector.

Mission Statement

At Aashna Hospitality, our mission is to revolutionize the management of franchise hotels by offering guests the trusted, world-class service standards of global brands, beautifully infused with the charm and character of local culture. We are committed to enhancing guest experiences, fostering sustainability, and building meaningful connections within the communities we operate. Through our dedicated service, innovative approach, and strong community ties, we aim to set a new benchmark in franchise hotel management.

Our Culture & Values

At Aashna Hospitality, we differentiate ourselves through a balanced marriage of familiarity and novelty. We retain the tried and tested service standards of established franchises and seamlessly blend them with personalized elements that reflect the local culture. Each hotel, while being part of a global chain, is a unique window into its location, offering guests the reliability of well-known brands along with a taste of the local community.


The core values of Aashna Hospitality are steeped in a deep-seated dedication to service, consistency, innovation, sustainability, and community engagement. Our dedication to enhancing guest experiences is reflected in every decision we make. We value consistency and strive to ensure that the reliable standards of our franchise brands are always met. We pride ourselves on innovation, constantly seeking new ways to bring local culture and charm to our hotels. We're firmly committed to sustainability, seeking to reduce our environmental footprint and ensure the longevity of our planet for future generations. Additionally, we are dedicated to fostering connections with local communities and promoting local businesses and artisans.


Aashna Hospitality prides itself on cultivating a culture of collaboration, respect, and growth. Our team, the 'Aashna Family', is made up of individuals from diverse backgrounds, all bound by their passion for hospitality. We believe in nurturing our employees, celebrating their achievements, and supporting their personal and professional growth. This approach has fostered a work environment where creativity thrives, and every team member feels valued.


Today, Aashna Hospitality proudly manages four prestigious franchises, including a Hilton Garden Inn, two Comfort Inns, and a Holiday Inn, each bearing the hallmark of Aashna's unique approach. Our hotels have witnessed a significant uptick in guest satisfaction ratings and repeated bookings. Our Hilton Garden Inn property received the 'Franchise of the Year' award, a testament to our team's hard work and commitment. We've also reduced our carbon footprint by 30% over the last three years and strengthened partnerships with local communities, contributing positively to their economies and cultures.

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